Fly by

Took this on Tuesday 14th May. It was a clear night and I sat for over an hour with my camera, tripod and 600mm Sigma lens constantly adjusting my tripod to track the moons movement. Planes are always on a path above us so I waited and waited then saw this one heading straight towards it. I knew that I only had the one chance so took the shot - I was very nervous as I checked my screen to see whether or not I had grabbed the shot.

London Eye
London Eye
London Eye
Up to the eye
From the South Bank
St Pauls
Tower Bridge
A walk after the rain
London nights
Rock outcrop
Boats and Blades
Looking North
Aira Force, Ullswater
Ullswater reflections
Ullswater panorama
Autumn at Ullswater
Panoramic reflections
Ever decreasing
Blades before the sun

Straight out of the camera.

Wood rush

Straight out of the camera. Zoom burst

Out for fish
Lone runner
Deep sunset

Straight out of camera

Yacht Club
Shadows of Ent
Lancaster panorama
Setting the shot
Over the boardwalk
Out of the mist and sea
North pole
Evening shadows
Going where
Crossing points
Something brewing
Morecambe bay

Sunsets are a little special here, this one looks South West towards the 'Stone Jetty'

A Quarter to One
Birds on fire

The sun highlighted the bird artwork along the railings on the promenade.

High road
long beach